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OlenderFeldman LLP is a full service law firm providing customized eCommerce, corporate, financial, technology, intellectual property, employment, internet, information privacy & data security, trusts and estates, startup company and litigation services to clients of all sizes.

At OlenderFeldman LLP, we understand the unique nature and specific needs of each client’s business, enabling us to provide innovative and creative solutions for all of our clients’ needs.

OlenderFeldman LLP was started to ensure that companies receive the same high quality representation of a large law firm, but with the personal attention needed for managed growth.

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OlenderFeldman LLP Provides Legal Solutions for your eCommerce Business

In today’s digital world, all companies collect, transmit and process information, make agreements, and do business on the Internet. We help our clients navigate the various legal requirements for their businesses in a cost-effective, efficient manner, providing first-rate legal services customized to their needs. Our ecommerce lawyers can draft agreements that will protect your interests. Our privacy lawyers can help you ensure that your business is compliant with state, federal and international privacy laws and our business litigation and dispute resolution practice can capably advocate on your behalf. We look forward to assisting you.
OlenderFeldman LLP’s Practice Areas Include:
  • Corporate Law
  • E-Commerce Law & Internet Law
  • Financial Law
  • Intellectual Property
  • Litigation
  • Data Privacy & Information Security
  • Technology Law
  • Employment Law
  • Internet Law
  • Trust & Estates
  • Startup Company Formation
No matter what prompted your search for a privacy attorney, ecommerce lawyer or for other legal assistance, we have a team of experienced lawyers that will assist you with the advice, representation, and support you need every step of the way.
Specialized Assistance With Privacy Compliance and FTC Compliance
Even the most savvy business owners can be unaware of the many legal regulations that govern their industry. Without proper representation, you may find yourself in legal trouble for failure to meet privacy compliance or FTC compliance guidelines or other regulatory obligations. When you have proper support from a top-notch privacy lawyer, you can avoid legal troubles before they happen. If you already face litigation, one of our privacy attorneys will be able to assist as your case moves forward. It’s never too late to gain an understanding of FTC compliance, privacy compliance, and other e-commerce laws. No matter how large or small your legal needs are, we are standing by to assist.
Understand E-Commerce Laws Before It’s Too Late
If your business involves e-commerce, laws that govern your dealings must be understood in order to avoid legal problems in the future. Oftentimes, ecommerce lawyers are needed to understand the law's requirements. From privacy compliance to FTC compliance , there are many things you’ll need to understand about e-commerce laws. With so many complicated terms, laws, and agreements, it’s best to have an experienced privacy lawyer hard at work for you from the beginning. When you choose OlenderFeldman LLP, you’ll have experienced, knowledgeable representation for your business. Don’t trust the future of your company to just anyone. You can count on the leading team of privacy lawyers for your legal needs. Contact our team of attorneys today for assistance with any of our practice areas. Don’t face your legal troubles alone, contact a privacy attorney today and get the right help to protect your interests. With our help, you can put any legal worries behind you and run your business with full privacy compliance and FTC compliance. We are standing by to assist, so contact us today to find out how our legal services can help you. Feel free to call us at 908-624-6293 for our Summit New Jersey office or our New York City, New York office. At the core of our practice are Certified Information Privacy Professionals (CIPP) -- accredited attorneys who focus on designing business policies, practices and procedures, and training our clients to comply with the detailed and complex legal landscape involved in data privacy. We help our clients to: (i) determine where and how they can collect data and what types of data they can collect and maintain; (ii) develop compliance programs to mitigate risks associated with maintaining that data; (iii) respond to actual or alleged security breaches; (iv) defend against administrative or private actions, lawsuits, or claims associated with alleged non-compliance; and (v) enforce their rights with respect to alleged breaches of security and data management by third-party vendors. Small companies are as vulnerable to suffering a data security breach as large companies.

Numerous federal, state, and international laws and regulations have been and continue to be enacted on restricting the use and management of information about people. In addition to laws, businesses are being met with increasingly stringent contractual requirements from their customers concerning the maintenance and destruction of confidential information, including data hosted in the cloud. OlenderFeldman LLP attorneys are experienced with privacy compliance issues involving, among other things: identity theft prevention, breach response and notification requirements, and technical and administrative security measures for the protection of confidential business information and data about individuals, including personally identifiable information.

From something as seemingly simple as designing a website privacy policy, to matters as complex as compliance with European Union Data Protection Directive and other laws concerning personal data, OlenderFeldman LLP can assist clients with their privacy compliance needs. OlenderFeldman LLP has Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP) accredited attorneys who focus on designing business policies, practices, and procedures, and training to comply with the detailed and complex legal landscape involved in data privacy. Our attorneys work closely with Firm clients to: (i) help clients determine where they collect data and what types of data they maintain; (ii) develop compliance programs to mitigate risks associated with maintaining that data; (iii) respond to actual or alleged security breaches; (iv) defend against administrative or private actions, lawsuits, or claims associated with alleged non-compliance; and (v) enforce our clients rights with respect to alleged breaches of security and data management by outsourced vendors. OlenderFeldman LLP is on the cutting edge of data privacy and information security, and regularly monitors new laws and regulations on a global basis.

OlenderFeldman LLP represents emerging companies in all aspects of their development. We often serve as general counsel for early and mid-stage companies, providing hands-on practical advice on legal and business judgments and strategies. We understand the mix of legal and business issues that emerging companies face, particularly in today's environment, and can help companies identify potential financing sources, bringing the benefit of our experience and contacts as well as our perspective on alternative financing methods that may be available. We understand and can spot the issues that may create problems for investors. We regularly help our emerging company clients avoid these problems, or identify and fix them if they have occurred, so that they won't delay or prevent a financing transaction. We are experienced in acting as both investor’s counsel and as issuer’s counsel in connection with private equity financing investments ranging from seed and simple first-round venture financings to complex later-stage recapitalizations and investments. As our clients grow, we advise with respect to initiating revolving credit lines, secured bank loans, debt financings, structuring joint ventures and strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions, stock and asset sales, and liquidations. OlenderFeldman’s eCommerce & Internet practice is unique in the industry as its attorneys have not only a great depth of experience in providing legal services to Internet and technology focused companies, but also strong technical backgrounds which enable the firm to understand both the legal requirements of a technology focused business, as well as the core technical aspects. Our attorneys spend significant time advising our clients on both legal and strategic business decisions, enabling them to accelerate growth and market strategies and mitigate against poor decision making. OlenderFeldman provides services in all areas key to Internet and technology focused businesses:
  • Technology development agreements (including consulting services, co-development, joint venture and technology acquisition agreements)
  • License agreements (including SaaS, enterprise hosted applications, and client/server)
  • Outsourced solutions
  • All aspects of eCommerce business related agreements:
    • Website terms and conditions
    • FTC compliant terms of purchase policies
    • Hosting services and associated requirements, including service level agreements, customer service, and maintenance and support agreements
    • Online marketing
      • Legal, business and technical compliance for first and third party marketing and data use
      • Metrics/Analytics
      • Email marketing
      • Affiliate agreements
      • Specialized marketing arrangements (including data mining, behavioral analytics, and co-marketing)
    • eCom platform licensing
  • Domain name acquisition, protection and dispute resolution (Cybersquatting, ICANN, UDRP)
  • Protection of intellectual property
    • Content licensing
    • Protection and registration of trademarks and copyrighted materials
    • Prosecution of online infringement of copyrights and trademarks
  • Employee and independent contractorissues
    • Confidentiality
    • Restrictions against competition
    • Assignment and protection of intellectual property rights
    • Work for hire agreements
Virtually every business today has some interest in technology. Whether you are acquiring it, creating it, licensing it, or merely using it, technology is a primary component of today's business world. Our technology practice has developed from years of experience representing large and small software companies, web site developers, e-commerce other Internet service providers during the Internet boom of the late 1990s, through the subsequent bubble burst of the early part of this decade, and as the Internet now matures as an integral part of doing business. We understand the innumerable business and legal issues involving technology and our clients rely on our ability to rapidly understand their needs and help them seize new opportunities and manage the risks which arise on the Internet, including e-commerce, confidentiality, encryption, jurisdiction, privacy, obscenity, defamation, and harassment. Our technology practice draws upon our wide-ranging skills and experience in numerous areas of the law and technology business. We have an understanding and background of industry-specific issues which are necessary to properly advise technology clients on numerous legal issues associated with selling and licensing proprietary technology, as well as the sophisticated business and practical issues that arise during the operations of our clients’ business. OlenderFeldman’s skill and experience representing companies with technology issues enables us to provide efficient and on-demand representation so our clients can maintain their competitiveness in the fast-paced electronic marketplace. In today’s high technology business environment, intellectual property protection is more important than ever as it impacts virtually all of our clients. OlenderFeldman LLP also provides the full spectrum of legal services related to trademarks, copyrights, unfair competition and trade secrets, including preparation and prosecution of trademark and copyright applications and domain name registration and licensing of intellectual property. We work with our clients to (i) identify intellectual property, (ii) protect and profit from intellectual property, and (iii) enforce or defend intellectual property rights as is necessary and appropriate.

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Our Corporate practice reflects our extensive legal experience and our understanding of the evolving business environments in which our clients operate. Because our clients range from the established and mature to the new and growing, from construction companies and restaurants to cutting-edge software and technology providers, from one-person small businesses to multi-million dollar operations with hundreds of employees, our advice and services focus on the unique needs of each client. OlenderFeldman LLP is experienced in distinguishing among the varying client requirements at different stages of development, assessing options and risks, and helping to make informed decisions. Our services focus on providing advice which is not only legally sound, but also as a practical solution for the client’s business. For established companies and institutions, OlenderFeldman LLP provides traditional corporate counseling to the same degree and quality of the large national and international law firms at which our attorneys previously worked. That same training, experience, creativity, and attention to detail is equally accessible and beneficial to high-growth and emerging companies who are often underserved or not served in a cost-effective manner. We are committed to providing high-growth companies with the legal services, business advice, and industry relationshipsthat are required to nurture their businesses and to attain positions of market leadership. For all clients, OlenderFeldman LLP provides top-quality corporate counseling with sensitivity to financial concerns, time constraints and the requirement that our clients’ business needs be satisfied. On each and every deal or transaction, OlenderFeldman LLP strives to deliver sophisticated and practical advice of the highest quality at a fair cost and with superior service. We can assist your business in numerous ways, including:
  • Choosing and establishing your corporate entity
  • Establishing employment policies and customizing employment agreements
  • Establishing standard forms of customer agreements; negotiating, preparing and reviewing all contractual arrangements with service providers, vendors, investors and strategic partners
  • Creating appropriate stock option and other incentive plans with a view toward fueling corporate growth
  • Advising on sources funding and developing various methods of raising capital
  • Establishing structure and preparing the supporting legal documentation for the selected fund raising event
  • Assisting with regulatory guidance and FTC compliance, such as responding to a non-public inquiry or a public investigation

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