How We Start:   We start each engagement by listening – in order to understand our client’s objectives.  Our goal is to achieve the client’s objectives in the most time and cost-efficient manner possible, without sacrificing quality of service or subtlety of analysis.

Over the years, OlenderFeldman LLP has represented a wide variety of businesses: from established and mature to the new and growing, from cutting-edge software and technology providers to construction companies and restaurants, from one-person small businesses to multi-million dollar multinational operations with hundreds of employees.  Our mission is to enable each client to assess its options, and the costs and risks associated with those options and to make well-informed, legally sound and practical decisions.  Legal advice offered in a vacuum is of little value.

What We Deliver – “Big Firm” Talent With Personalized Attention To Your Business:  We provide the same “big firm” skills and expertise in a more attentive, client-focused and cost-effective environment.  Our training, experience, creativity, and attention to detail is particularly important to high-growth and emerging companies whose legal needs are often under-served at a “big firm”.   We are committed to providing high-growth companies with the legal services, business advice and industry relationships that are required to nurture their businesses and to attain positions of market leadership.

A Word About Schedules:  We routinely work with our clients to identify not only the substance of their needs but also the schedule for the delivery of our services.  Our job is to deliver when it works for you, not when it is convenient for us.

Illustrative Projects (and view our Recent Deals & Transactions):

  •              Advising on sources and methods of capital and debt financing and preparing the supporting legal documentation for the selected fund raising event.
  •              Drafting and negotiating agreements with investors, lenders and strategic partners.
  •              Choosing and establishing your corporate entity.
  •              Drafting and negotiating shareholder agreements, general and limited partnership agreements, and limited liability company and limited liability partnership operating agreements.
  •             Creating ERISA-compliant stock option and other incentive plans.
  •              Drafting and negotiating agreements with service providers and vendors.
  •              Establishing employment policies and customizing employment manuals/handbooks.
  •              Establishing standard forms of customer agreements.
  •              Complying with federal and regulatory requirements and investigations (SEC, FTC compliance, etc.).

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