The Problem:

Federal, state and international laws and regulations have been and continue to be enacted restricting the use, management and destruction of confidential and personal information.

Businesses face increasingly stringent contractual requirements to maintain and destroy confidential information, including data hosted in the cloud.

Virtually every company collects or maintains personal information on either its customers, its employees — or both.

Businesses that fail to comply with privacy and information security regulations can be fined, and in some cases, face criminal penalties.

At the same time, data security breaches are becoming  a fact of business life, and can result in severe reputational harm, liability, mandatory mitigation requirements and other costs.

The Solution:

OlenderFeldman LLP can help you address statutory privacy and information security compliance requirements both in the United States and internationally,  meet your contractual obligations with your customers and protect your rights against vendors and other third-parties.

We routinely assist our clients formulate and implement policies for information security, privacy, acceptable use of technology resources, mobile devices and record retention and destruction.

We can also help with identity theft prevention, and breach response and notification requirements, as well as technical and administrative security measures for the protection of confidential business information and personal data.

We also help clients formulate appropriate website privacy and security policies, and help American companies comply with the US-EU Safe Harbor requirements and the European Union Data Protection Directive and ePrivacy Directive.

Privacy and information security compliance affects everyone – from the smallest website operator to the largest corporations.  We have the expertise and experience to provide you with the services you need efficiently and cost-effectively.

If you have questions regarding information privacy or data security for your business, use the contact link below and one of us will get back to you.

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