Our Core Concept:  Our legal services for Internet and eCommerce-focused companies are anchored by our knowledge of the technologies that drive your businesses.   Our ecommerce attorneys have not only a great depth of experience in providing legal services to Internet and technology focused companies, but also strong technical backgrounds. That means we will understand what you’re doing and how you’re doing it – so you won’t be wasting your time and money to educate us.

The OlenderFeldman LLP Advantage:  Our legal services are provided in the context of our technology knowledge base, giving you the advantage of attorneys who can identify legal and business problems and recommend practical solutions geared to the business environment in which you are actually operating and the technology challenges that you are actually confronting.

Our Goal:  Our goal is to advise our clients on both legal and strategic business decisions which enable them to accelerate growth and achieve market objectives while reducing the risk of poor decision-making – all at a substantial discount to “big firm” billing.

Illustrative Projects:

  • Technology development agreements (including consulting services, co-developmentjoint venture and technology acquisition agreements).
  • Licensing agreements (including SaaSenterprise hosted applications, and client/server agreements).
  • Outsourcing agreements.
  • E-Commerce-related agreements:
  • Website terms and conditions
  • FTC compliant terms of purchase policies
  • Hosting services agreements (and associated requirements, including service level agreementscustomer service, and maintenance and support agreements)
  • Online marketing agreements.
  • Legalbusiness and technical compliance for first and third party marketing and data use.
  • Metrics/Analytics agreements.
  • Email marketing agreements.
  • Affiliate marketing agreements.
  • Specialized marketing agreements (including data miningbehavioral analytics, and co-marketing).
  • eCommerce platform licensing agreements.
  • Domain name acquisition and protection.
  • eCommerce dispute resolution (cybersquatting, ICANN:UDRP)
  • Protection of intellectual property.
  • Content licensing.
  • Protection and registration of trademarks and copyrighted materials.
  • Prosecution of online infringement of copyrights and trademarks
  • Employee and independent contractor agreements and disputes.
  • Confidentiality agreements and enforcement.
  • Non-compete agreements and enforcement. 
  • Assignment and protection of intellectual property rights.

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