All companies have financial issues but some, particularly early and mid-stage companies, face complex problems that require sophisticated and creative solutions.  Our mission is to help our clients fashion solutions geared toward the achievement of their short and long term goals – and not merely provide temporary “fixes” that can ultimately create as many problems as they solve.

To achieve that objective, we provide practical and strategic advice on legal and business issues that facilitate growth and flexibility.  Illustratively, in some situations, we can help companies identify and close with potential financing sources, bringing the benefit of our experience and relationships as well as our perspectives on alternative financing methods.  Spotting and resolving issues that may create problems for current and future investors, lenders and strategic partners is part and parcel of our value proposition.  Our goal is to identify and resolve problems before they impede a financial transaction and, if we discover them along the way, to solve them as quickly and as “dollar-efficiently” as possible.

We are experienced in acting as both investor’s counsel and as issuer’s counsel in connection with private equity financings ranging from seed/first round venture financials to complex later-stage recapitalizations and investments.  For our more “mature” clients, we are readily able to assist with respect to opening and maintaining revolving credit lines, secured loans (with both private and institutional lenders), other debt financings, structuring joint ventures and strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions, stock and asset sales, and liquidations and dissolutions (both in and out of bankruptcy).

In every financing transaction, even one as simple as founders investing their own money in start-up, anticipating conflicts and problems saves time, money and aggravation.  Building a business is hard enough; let OlenderFeldman LLP help you avoid the “avoidable.”  Our experience – our “hindsight” – can be your foresight.

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