Every company, especially start-ups and early stage enterprises, has critical intellectual property.  At first, this intellectual property might consist of nothing more than a new insight or a new idea for a new process, technology or service.  It is this intellectual property that distinguishes the company from its competitors, that is the foundation for growth, and that needs to be protected.  As companies grow, this need becomes increasingly critical as it often becomes a core component of a client’s asset base.

At OlenderFeldman LLP, we know that protection takes many forms: copyrights, trade secrets, trademarks, design marks, internet domain registration rights (as well as rights relating to metatags, keywords and cybersquatting), privacy rights, licensing agreements, and confidentiality agreements, to name just a few.  For example, our work routine includes preparation and prosecution of trademark and copyright applications, domain name registration and transfers, and a wide variety of intellectual property licensing agreements.

But, you can’t protect what you haven’t defined and, at OlenderFeldman LLP, we believe that the protection of intellectual property starts with a commitment – for our clients and for us – to take the time to clearly define what has been created.  In the absence of pre-existing rights or limitations (of the kind described above), our process begins with a deep understanding of your intellectual property so we can identify the right mechanisms to protect it, both in its current stage and as it develops over time.  Understanding your intellectual property and how it is going to develop is key to creating and implementing legal and business strategies to protect and leverage it.  In our view, taking a “snap shot” approach to providing intellectual property legal services is a waste of your time and money.  That’s not how we work.

We are not patent attorneys.  We have colleagues with whom we work when the need for patent counsel arises and, if you have competent patent counsel, we are happy to work with them.  However, the decision to enter into the patent process itself presents significant legal and business issues on which we routinely work with our clients.

We are also well versed in protecting our clients’ intellectual property rights using all remedies that are available both in the United States and elsewhere.  While we are not zealous advocates of litigation, we are always zealous advocates of our clients’ interests and will prosecute litigation when the client determines that it is fiscally prudent or otherwise necessary to do so.

If you need help with regard to your intellectual property and would like to discuss it, use the contact form below and one of us will get back to you.

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