The attorneys of OlenderFeldman LLP have extensive experience in litigating virtually every type of commercial issue which arises in today’s complex business environment. OlenderFeldman LLP attorneys are recognized in state and federal courts for their forceful representation of clients in a wide variety of commercial and intellectual property litigation matters. By combining the national and international law firm experience of our attorneys with an intimate knowledge of our clients and their businesses, OlenderFeldman LLP creatively and aggressively solves and resolves its clients’ business disputes, reacting rapidly when disputes arise that require legal advice and intervention for sound resolution.

Our first objective is to proactively counsel our clients on ways to avoid and to minimize the possibility of litigation in light of financial and practical concerns. Should litigation arise or become necessary, our objective is to resolve the dispute as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Under all circumstances, we are well equipped to aggressively handle complex litigation matters at every level of the state and federal court systems. Where appropriate, OlenderFeldman LLP will work within the various alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation and arbitration.

Commercial Litigation

OlenderFeldman LLP provides broad based legal representation in commercial disputes for businesses of all sizes. At the inception of any engagement, we work closely with our client to determine the most cost effective and efficient strategy for achieving the client’s business and legal goals. We are experienced in litigating in all levels of the state and federal judicial system, as well as in alternative dispute resolution forums such as mediation, arbitration and administrative proceedings. OlenderFeldman LLP provides litigation services in numerous areas, including:

  • Corporate and partnership disputes
  • Directors and Officers liability claims
  • Real estate and land issues
  • Enforcement of restrictive covenants in employment contracts such as non-competition, non-solicitation, and confidentiality
  • Consumer and warranty claims
  • Franchise and distributor disputes
  • General breach of contract and failure of performance claims

Our approach to litigation is always to work within the client’s best business interests in light of the costs of litigation and the potential exposures. Under all circumstances, we counsel our clients on the pros and cons of settlement versus trial so that informed decisions can be made on the merits of pursuing or defending a claim.

Intellectual Property Litigation

OlenderFeldman LLP understands how important intellectual property rights are to our clients’ businesses and objectives. If these rights are not appropriately enforced, they lose their value. We tailor our intellectual property litigation strategy to meet clients’ specific needs. OlenderFeldman LLP’s intellectual property litigators have extensive experience protecting trademark and trade dress rights through the conduct of detailed investigation and negotiation, as well as complex litigation involving licensing, infringement, dilution, false designation of origin, deceptive advertising, and unfair competition. Similarly, we are experienced in all phases of copyright protection from traditional complex litigation to novel, cutting edge technology disputes. OlenderFeldman LLP develops unique solutions to our clients’ unique intellectual property problems wherever and however they occur.

Construction Services and Construction Litigation

OlenderFeldman LLP represents developers, general contractors, and subcontractors in all phases of the construction process on public and private projects. We provide a broad range of construction services, including contract negotiation and drafting, claim preparation and prosecution, project support and dispute avoidance, closeout facilitation, and labor relations.

Where litigation is unavoidable, OlenderFeldman provides litigation services before administrative, state and federal courts, and in alternative dispute resolution forums under contractual requirements, including architect/construction management governed dispute resolution, arbitration and mediation. In any forum, we strive to achieve cost effective and efficient results while working within the overall mandates of a project, whether an ongoing project or after completion.

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