Every business confronts technology issues.  Whether you use it, acquire it, license it, or create it, technology is an inescapable component of business today.  Our technology practice has developed over years of representing large and small software companies, web site developers, application service providers, SaaS providers, hosting services, e-commerce and other Internet-based enterprises, as well as the enterprises that do business with them.

OlenderFeldman LLP understands the legal issues confronting both technology businesses and traditional businesses that are using technology to drive into new markets with new products and services. While there is extraordinary commonality with regard to the types of legal issues that each of these different types of enterprises confront, we also recognize that our services must be tailored to fit the unique circumstances, needs and objectives of each of our clients.   Our clients rely on our ability to rapidly understand the situation at hand and manage the risks associated with electronic commerce: confidentiality, encryption, privacy, data security, obscenity, defamation and harassment, to name just a few.

In a world governed by the mantra of “faster, better, cheaper,” our technology practice is designed to respond to our clients’ need in real time on their schedules (and not ours).  The fact that the need for legal services is an inescapable as the need for technology itself does not justify legal professionals being log-jams to the conduct of business.

Our technology practice — and in fact the entirety of our firm — is guided by two core principles: (1) “one size” never fits anyone; and (2) delivering today is better than delivering tomorrow.

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