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FTC Updates COPPA Guidelines for App Developers, Easing (But Not Eliminating) Compliance Requirements

By: Aaron Krowne The Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) has recently made a number of significant updates to its guidance for Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”). Chiefly, these updates streamline compliance requirements for COPPA’s parental consent mandate, in response to the widespread popularity of “app stores” for obtaining and running software. The updates also add support…
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New York Attorney General Report Finds Data Breaches Are Serious Business

By: Aaron Krowne On July 14, 2014, the New York Attorney General’s office (“NY AG”) released a seminal report on data breaches, entitled “Information Exposed: Historical Examination of Data Breaches in New York State” (the “Report”). The Report presents a wealth of eye-opening (and sobering) information on data breaches in New York and beyond. The Report…
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