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Term Sheets: A Brief Overview

Originally published in the November/December 2008 issue of By Kurt Olender and Louis Zambrio The Term Sheet Process Rapidly growing companies typically have a limited ability to obtain working capital from banks and other traditional sources due to limited (or no) profitably and a predictably light balance sheet. Many companies must look to a…
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A Comparison of an “S” Corporation and a Limited Liability Company

Originally published in the Fall 2008 e-mail newsletter of By Louis Zambrio When choosing a business entity to start a business there are many factors to consider when determining which entity is the best fit for your company and its goals. Some factors to consider are the ease of formation, taxation, need to raise…
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Oral Contracts

Originally published at By Louis Zambrio In this fast paced world of doing business, parties sometimes disregard the formalities of a written contract, and conduct business with a handshake, or oral contract. Generally, these oral contracts are enforceable, however, there are many pitfalls associated with entering into one. Some basic issues surrounding an oral…
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