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Senior Gigs And The Fine Print That Comes With Them, by Mat Zucker, Forbes

Joining the leadership circle of an organization is exciting. From my own experience and in talking to rising executives, I find there's enthusiasm for the challenge as well as hand-wringing when it comes to the details, especially if it’s new to you.

I write frequently about career lessons, where creative and account people end up, not to mention my new podcast on marketing careers. I thought it would be valuable to get into the paperwork stress as one takes on a new senior job. What does one look for, or ask for? Does one need an attorney, and if so, on what?

To answer these questions, I spoke to peers who like me have been through this as well as Howard Matalon, an employment attorney and partner at OlenderFeldman. Matalon, who I know from childhood, is one of few lawyers with a “360” practice representing both management and employees. He is also a certified Human Resources professional. “We’re putting executives at eye level with employers on employment agreements for a good reason,” he explained. “Human capital is the most important asset of a business. If expectations are better aligned from day one, the relationship will be stronger and last longer.”

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