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Data Privacy Attorney Michael J. Feldman Interviewed By Law360 Regarding FTC Enforcement

The “Internet of Things” is rapidly expanding, and most households have at least one physical object which automatically collects and exchanges data wirelessly. Manufacturers of smart devices need to ensure that security vulnerabilities and privacy concerns are rapidly addressed in order to escape the scrutiny of the Federal Trade Commission. Law360 interviewed privacy experts, including our…
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Who Owns Business-Related Social Media Accounts?

A company’s social media page, profile and accounts (and its followers and other connections) are generally considered to be valuable business assets. Recent court decisions illustrate the importance of clear policies and procedures to address ownership and appropriate use of business-related social media assets. While most businesses recognize the importance of maintaining a minimum Internet…
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The Seven Things Employers Must Know Regarding Reasonable Accommodations For Disabled Or Pregnant Employees

The Federal Americans with Disabilities Act, the New  Jersey Law Against Discrimination and the New Jersey Pregnancy Discrimination and Accommodation Law each impose significant obligations on employers, who are required to provide reasonable accommodations to employees. There is a considerable amount of confusion on the part of many New Jersey employers as to their obligation to…
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The Three Biggest Privacy Challenges Affecting Technology, eCommerce and Startup Companies Today

The biggest privacy challenges affecting businesses today are regulatory scrutiny from government agencies, media coverage with unintended consequences, and privacy risks that are discovered during corporate transactions. Rapidly growing eCommerce and technology companies typically focus on creating viable products and services, adapting business models and responding to challenges, and using data in new ways to…
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