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VIGILANT PSA e-newsletter – First Edition

Welcome to the first edition of the VIGILANT PSA e-newsletter. The VIGILANT PSA e-newsletter is designed and dedicated to enable you to stay at the forefront of the latest advances in all about providing updates, information and practical advice/tips about Protecting, Securing and Advancing your and your clients’ and customers’ privacy, data and security in…
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As pandemic restrictions are being slowly lifted, commercial landlords are struggling to satisfy their debt service obligations while anchor tenants keep the purse strings closed.  In a recent article, Bloomberg News details the ongoing struggle some of the biggest commercial tenants and landlords on the rarefied real estate known as Fifth Avenue. To read the…
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OlenderFeldman – VIGILANT PSA – Free Privacy e-Newsletter

OlenderFeldman will soon be launching a new data privacy and security law and business FREE e-Newsletter.  We call it VIGILANT PSA. Simply e-mail Michael J. Feldman at *protected email* to subscribe and join our exclusive mailing list to receive our first FREE e-Newsletter. WHAT IS VIGILANT PSA?  VIGILANT PSA is designed and dedicated to enabling…
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