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Big Data, Big Issues Symposium – A Quick Chat with FTC Commissioner Julie Brill

I had the pleasure of attending Fordham Law School’s Center on Law & Information Policy (CLIP)’s Big Data, Big Issues Symposium today, which had a fascinating lineup of many of best thinkers in privacy. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC)’s  Julie Brill, delivered a very interesting keynote address about the benefits and dangers of big data, as well…
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Behavioral Advertising and “Do Not Track”: Navigating the Privacy Minefield

The Internet is fraught with privacy-related dangers for companies. For example, Facebook’s IPO filing contains multiple references to the various privacy risks that may threaten its business model, and it seems like every day a new class action suit is filed against Facebook alleging surreptitious tracking or other breaches of privacy laws. Google has recently…
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How Can They Post That? Understanding the Communication Decency Act

The Communications Decency Act Provides Immunity For Third Party Submitted Content We often get questions from both clients and journalists (e.g., here, and here) regarding liability for posting content on the internet, most of it centering around the same basic premise: “Why can Company X post this content on their website? How is that legal?…
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RFID and Workplace Privacy

The Use of RFID In The Workplace Sparks Privacy Concerns OlenderFeldman recently had the opportunity to speak with Karen Boman of Rigzone about RFID technology and workplace privacy. Although the article focuses on the oil industry, the best practices of openness and transparency are generally applicable to most workplaces. The entire article can be found here,…
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