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Massachusetts Data Security Regulations

Service Providers Face New Regulations Covering Personal Information If your company is a service provider (generally any company providing third-party services, ranging from a payroll provider to an e-commerce hosting provider) or your company utilizes service providers, you need to be aware of the Massachusetts Data Security Regulations (the “Regulations”). The Regulations require that by…
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New Jersey Trade Secrets Act

By *protected email*   On January 9, 2012, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signed into law the New Jersey Trade Secrets Act (NJTSA). The NJTSA codifies many court decisions that provide certain rights and remedies in the event that a trade secret – such as a formula, design, prototype or invention – is misappropriated. The…
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Limits of Privacy on Facebook

Despite Facebook’s “Privacy Settings”, Your Information Might Not Be So Private By *protected email* With over 800 million users, there is a good chance that you, a family member or a business colleague uses Facebook. Many people assume that their posts and information viewed on Facebook is only available to their “friends.” Such an assumption would…
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Entertainment Weekly Calls On OlenderFeldman For Comments

On Tuesday, October 18th, a 40-something year old actress filed a law suit against IMDb and Amazon for publishing her real name and age on IMDb’s website. Entertainment Weekly asked Michael J. Feldman, Esq., CIPP, to weigh in on the merits of the plaintiff’s privacy claim. Feldman, a partner at OlenderFeldman who is also not…
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