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The Commercial Real Estate Market in the Time of COVID-19

Part One – Negotiated Solutions to the Commercial Landlord/Tenant Relationship This is the first in a series of alerts that will provide guidance on various topics related to the business considerations and the rapid evolution of the Commercial Real Estate Market as a result of COVID-19 Modifying  the Relationship Managing the landlord/tenant relationship during the…
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FDA Leaves Only 14 Chinese Manufacturers of Masks On the Approved List

Effective May 7, 2020, the FDA banned 65 respirator (N95-type masks) manufacturers in China from its approved list of manufacturers. Only 14 manufacturers remain. Suppliers of respirators, such as N95 masks for use in hospitals and Emergency Use Authorization (EAU), should be aware of the updated “Appendix A” which you can find here. The new list was…
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Art of the Restart – Part Three

Topic of this alert:  Preparing your office for re-opening. Just as those business which were fully prepared to quickly make the jump to remote-offices and/or a socially-distanced workplace were able to transition more easily and typically more successfully, the same is true for the transition back to the office and the business world.  This article…
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LEVERAGING THE LOCKDOWN – In case you missed Part One

Leveraging The Lockdown - OlenderFeldman Presents In case you missed Part One of this two part series on how your business should be taking advantage of the pause in business operations, here is a video of the event: Part Two is scheduled for May 14th, 12:00 pm. We hope you will join us then. Click…
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