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COVID-19 Workforce Reintegration Planning

As states begin to relax their business restrictions in anticipation of an eventual resumption of normal operations, employers must make critical decisions now as to the focus of the enterprise as well as the reintegration of its employees in a post COVID world.  Indeed, the former consideration may require wholesale restructuring of the business, as…
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PPP Loans: Whether to Keep Your Loan or Send It Back?

That is the pivotal question confronting many business owners who have received PPP loans and are grappling with recent guidance from the Small Business Association (SBA) regarding loan necessity.  While the SBA issued further clarification on the loan necessity certification that should bring comfort to many borrowers, business owners should still carefully review their certifications,…
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The Commercial Real Estate Market in the Time of COVID-19

Part One – Negotiated Solutions to the Commercial Landlord/Tenant Relationship This is the first in a series of alerts that will provide guidance on various topics related to the business considerations and the rapid evolution of the Commercial Real Estate Market as a result of COVID-19 Modifying  the Relationship Managing the landlord/tenant relationship during the…
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FDA Leaves Only 14 Chinese Manufacturers of Masks On the Approved List

Effective May 7, 2020, the FDA banned 65 respirator (N95-type masks) manufacturers in China from its approved list of manufacturers. Only 14 manufacturers remain. Suppliers of respirators, such as N95 masks for use in hospitals and Emergency Use Authorization (EAU), should be aware of the updated “Appendix A” which you can find here. The new list was…
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