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PPP Guidance- Loan Forgiveness and Change of Ownership

Effective October 2, 2020, SBA Employees and Paycheck Protection Program (“PPP) Lenders received an SBA Procedural Notice, outlining the required procedures for loan forgiveness for an entity that that is undergoing a change of ownership. For the Complete OlenderFeldman Memorandum outlining PPP Loan Forgiveness, Change of Ownership, and Borrower's Responsibilities, Click Here. For more information,…
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OlenderFeldman Secures Vital Decision in Favor of Policyholders Seeking COVID-19 Business Interruption Coverage

While questions remain as to how Courts will ultimately rule on whether business interruption claims may provide recovery under an insurance policy, a recent decision is an important win to plaintiff-policyholders seeking to clear the initial pleading hurdle in their litigations against insurers who have denied their claims. Countless businesses nationwide purchased business interruption insurance…
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Expansion of the “Accredited Investor” Definition

Overview Regulation D of the Securities Act of 1933 (the “Act”) is a common exemption from registering securities under Section 5 of the Act.  The exemption provides that registration is not required when an issuer conducts a private offering under certain conditions.  One important requirement is that most investors be “accredited investors” as defined by…
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