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As pandemic restrictions are being slowly lifted, commercial landlords are struggling to satisfy their debt service obligations while anchor tenants keep the purse strings closed.  In a recent article, Bloomberg News details the ongoing struggle some of the biggest commercial tenants and landlords on the rarefied real estate known as Fifth Avenue. To read the…
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The Commercial Real Estate Market in the Time of COVID-19

Part One – Negotiated Solutions to the Commercial Landlord/Tenant Relationship This is the first in a series of alerts that will provide guidance on various topics related to the business considerations and the rapid evolution of the Commercial Real Estate Market as a result of COVID-19 Modifying  the Relationship Managing the landlord/tenant relationship during the…
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The Art of the Restart

The Art of the Restart This is the first in a series of alerts that will provide guidance on various topics related to business continuity and strategy. Topic of this alert:       Financial planning – managing the creditor and debtor relationship Managing the Creditor and Debtor Relationship Managing the pre-opening period as well as the period…
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New Executive Order in New Jersey on Construction Projects and New Guidance for Retail, Manufacturing and Warehouse Businesses

Last night, Governor Murphy signed Executive Order No. 122, ceasing all non-essential construction projects and imposing additional mitigation requirements on essential retail businesses and essential industries to limit the spread of COVID-19 in New Jersey. The order also outlines specific protections and policies for all essential retail, manufacturing, and warehousing businesses, as well as businesses…
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