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Data Privacy & Security Check-Up (the other “PPP”) – Working From Home During COVID-19

Today’s work-from-home environment presents a challenge for all businesses, and while it may be easy for some to technically adapt to a remote work environment, properly doing so is not always as simple.  Unfortunately, since COVID-19 caused many companies to shift their business to a remote work environment in early March, ransomware attacks have increased by over 150%, data breaches by 300%, and Coronavirus-themed phishing attacks continue to grow every day.  Couple the increased breaches and hacks with the typically decreased security, training and lack of system-wide control over employees working remotely, and many companies are flirting very closely with complete disaster without necessarily even knowing it.  While many view cybersecurity as optional or something to be implemented in the future, the failure to implement appropriate policies, procedures and protections leaves the door wide open to what can easily be an existential threat to a company’s very existence.

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