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Guest Post: Five Use Case Ideas for a Law Firm Mobile App

The following is a guest post from Daniel Haurey, President of Exigent Technology, an IT Services  and Cloud Services Provider.


One of my favorite business authors, David Meerman Scott, said it best: “Because of the infinite amount of information available on the web, buyers now have more information than sellers, and therefore buyers have the upper hand in negotiations.”

Prospects and new clients, each armed with mini-computers in their pockets are peering through your virtual window with more relevant information about your firm than you could have ever have hoped.  As competition increases along with demands for transparency, it’s important to try and forge relationships with prospective clients before you even meet them, and on a common ground that has most recently become the location of choice for nearly every demographic.  Where?  On their phones, of course.  Mobile devices have recently surpassed all others in total web traffic. Smartphones and tablets combined now account for 6o percent of all online traffic, up from 50 percent a year ago. And 51 percent of that traffic is driven by mobile apps.

Fortunately, the combination of web, social media and a barrage of affordable, easily-accessible technology has leveled the virtual playing field, giving small and mid-sized law firms the same vast reach as their gargantuan counterparts.  But as blogging, tweeting and content marketing have pretty much become commonplace, how does your firm stay relevant online and create brand recognition, before and after the client engagement?   These days, part of the answer may be, with a custom Mobile Application.  Depending on your goals and the areas of law you focus on, there are countless possibilities for your own law firm to provide a custom-designed, engagement-driving mobile application that can drive client engagement and keep your firm at the forefront of the industry.

Here is a list of law firm app use cases to get your gears moving:

1.  Custom Accident Kit App for Personal Injury Attorneys

Imagine how useful it could be for a victim of an accident to gather GPS location, insurance information, key contacts, facts, notes, and pictures right at the scene of the incident.  Now imagine they can send you all of that information with a few swipes of their finger.

2.  DUI Assistance

Our mobile devices are always with us, even after a glass or three of wine at dinner.  Help prospective clients estimate their blood alcohol level and navigate DUI laws that they can share with their friends.  Including advice on what to do or how to respond to questions when dealing with a traffic stop for suspicion of DUI.

3.  Workers Compensation and Social Security Disability Law

Ease client intakes by extending evaluation forms to help determine eligibility.  Assist clients in tracking expenses, symptoms, medical history and medications.

4.  Family and Matrimonial Law

Provide clients with useful information, tips and tools such as contacts for battered women’s shelters and various sources of support and guidance apropos for individuals planning for or enduring divorce.

5.  Establish your firm as thought leader in your field

Your firm has garnered the respect of its peers and differentiated itself in the marketplace, and a mobile application is the best way to guide your peers and clients to that differentiating factor.  Nothing says “we get it” to prospective millennial and Generation X’er clients like having your own mobile app.

Daniel Haurey is president and CEO at New Jersey based IT Services and Cloud Service provider Exigent Technologies, and one of Tri-State’s leading entrepreneurs and IT thought leaders.