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Lessons Learned from the UBER Employment Fallout

The UBER developments highlight an absolutely critical aspect of leadership in
management. If you don't clean your own house, someone can very well do it for
you and you may not like the results.

Let's face facts people. NO ONE cares more about your business or your career
than you. Once it gets to the point that someone else weighs in on your judgment
or critical thinking on the workplace environment, you may very well lose control
of your own business or of your place within the business.

This is why being proactive and putting the right systems in place from DAY ONE is
so essential. Take care of your human capital! Develop policies and protections for
the growth of the workforce. Make integration (onboarding, mentorship and HR
resource-driven techniques) a mantra.

Be a great employer. Not an "uber" one.   - Howard Matalon