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OlenderFeldman to Speak at SES NY 2012 about Privacy and FTC Compliance

OlenderFeldman will be speaking at SES New York 2012 conference about emerging legal issues in search engine optimization and online behavioral advertising. The panel will discuss  Legal Considerations for Search & Social in Regulated Industries:

Search in Regulated Industries
Legal Considerations for Search & Social in Regulated Industries
Programmed by: Chris Boggs
Since FDA letters to pharmaceutical companies began arriving in 2009, and with constantly increasing scrutiny towards online marketing, many regulated industries have been forced to look for ways to modify their legal terms for marketing and partnering with agencies and other 3rd party vendors. This session will address the following:

  • Legal rules for regulated industries such as Healthcare/Pharmaceutical, Financial Services, and B2B, B2G
  • Interpretations and discussion around how Internet Marketing laws are incorporated into campaign planning and execution
  • Can a pharmaceutical company comfortably solicit inbound links in support of SEO?
  • Should Financial Services companies be limited from using terms such as “best rates?
  • Moderator:
    Chris Boggs, SES Advisory Board; Director, SEO, Rosetta
  • Speakers:
    Thomas C. Catan, Staff Reporter, Wall Street Journal
    Aaron Messing, Esq., CIPP, Attorney, OlenderFeldman LLP
    Jamie Peck, Managing Partner, Rosetta Healthcare
    Jud Soderborg, SEO Manager, Reprise Media

Looks like it will be a great panel.