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OlenderFeldman – VIGILANT PSA – Free Privacy e-Newsletter

OlenderFeldman will soon be launching a new data privacy and security law and business FREE e-Newsletter.  We call it VIGILANT PSA.

Simply e-mail Michael J. Feldman at to subscribe and join our exclusive mailing list to receive our first FREE e-Newsletter.

WHAT IS VIGILANT PSA?  VIGILANT PSA is designed and dedicated to enabling you to stay at the forefront of the latest advances in all about providing updates, information and practical advice/tips about Protecting, Securing and Advancing your and your clients’ and customers’ privacy, data and security in today’s modern Cyber world.  VIGILANT PSA is designed to provide you with tools and tips to help you to be ever watchful, constantly aware, and always vigilant.

WHY: Data breaches, malware and phishing attacks are increasing exponentially. International, national, state, local and industry-specific laws, rules and regulations are increasing almost as quickly.  Proper data security and privacy practices and protocols are no longer optional, they are a necessity.  Your brand and business privacy and security protocols are essential to promote and advance the trust your clients have in your brand and your business.  VIGILANT PSA will help you with all the tools and information you need to give your client’s the confidence they need and the peace of mind they deserve.  VIGILANT PSA will provide timely updates, tips and information to help you better understand what is going on in today’s Cyber and legal world related to privacy and data security as well as methods and suggestions to improve your knowledge and practices.

WHO THIS IS FOR:  Individual business owners, and all business/data privacy/security decision-makers and team members.  If that is not you, please forward this to the correct individual(s) within your organization so he/she can sign up.

HOW TO SIGN UP: Send an e-mail to Mike Feldman at  and ask to be added to the VIGILANT PSA PSA e-Newsletter. All you need to provide is your email.