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What You Need

Our attorneys have provided data privacy and security representation since the earliest days of the Internet and the adoption of HIPAA. We bring our depth of knowledge and experience to bear in designing policies and procedures to mitigate corporate risks relating to data and information privacy and security; analyzing and negotiating contractual obligations between companies exchanging PII, PHI, or confidential data; and enabling compliance with E.U. and cross-border data transfer regulations. We constantly monitor evolving regulatory schemes, best-practice standards, and technology models to ensure that our clients remain at the forefront of compliance.

How We Deliver

We use a series of proprietary tools and processes that we have developed to assist our clients in assessing their privacy and security practices, to determine the regulations that apply to their businesses and types of data they maintain (contractual, E.U., worldwide, PCI DSS, HIPAA), and to develop and implement appropriate policies. We also provide extensive and ongoing training to ensure that our clients maintain compliance and reduce risk of breach.

In the unlikely event a data breach occurs, we assist our clients in assessing the extent of the breach, determining and instituting immediate remedies, providing required notifications, and conducting post-breach remediation.

Representative Services

  • Breach Analysis and Response
  • Breach Notification Requirements
  • Information Security and Data Privacy Policies and Training
  • Website Privacy Policies
  • U.S.–E.U. Cross-Border Data Privacy Compliance
  • E.U. Data Protection Directive Compliance
  • ePrivacy Directive Compliance
  • HIPAA Compliance, including drafting and negotiation of Business Associate Agreements
  • PCI DSS Compliance