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What You Need

Raising capital is a complex process that has long-term consequences for a company and its owners. Whether raising working capital through commercial debt or through the sale of equity or instruments convertible into equity, it is critical for company management and its equity holders to understand the terms. The form of capital raised, the source of the capital and associated conditions that will be imposed, and the effect on the company’s P&L, balance sheet and equity holders will be impacted by these decisions. Counsel must be well versed not only in the wide variety of financial transactions available to generate working capital but also in the interplay of finance and tax with debt, equity, and convertible or hybrid instruments.

How We Deliver

Our firm has represented clients in hundreds of debt and equity transactions throughout their corporate life cycles, from startup capitalization, through multiple rounds of equity and commercial debt financings, to private equity and late-stage financial transactions. We provide our clients with a holistic view of their financial picture to enable them to make intelligent choices when selecting sources of capital, negotiating the terms of that capital, and understanding the covenants and terms to which they will be bound. We use our experience to help our clients negotiate terms that not only work in theory but also fit with their businesses on a practical level. Whether it is the timing of bank reporting requirements or investor approval thresholds, we work to ensure that paper terms do not turn into real traps. We also translate legal terms into hard numbers, using our business and finance experience and expertise to ensure that our clients have a clear picture of the outcome from their deal and that it matches their expectations.

Representative Services

  • Advising on sources and methods of capital raising
  • Private company issuances of securities and debt (private placements)
  • Regulation D, state blue sky, and related securities-law compliance
  • Preferred equity offerings
  • Private equity
  • Convertible debt and hybrid securities
  • Complex later-stage recapitalizations and investments
  • Commercial debt transactions (asset-based lending, revolving lines, term loans)
  • Venture and mezzanine debt
  • Venture capital investments
  • Seed-stage investments
  • Crowdfunding
  • Commercial real estate acquisition financing (including FNMA)