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What You Need

Our technology clients require more than just legal services—they need attorneys who are intimately familiar with all aspects of technology-driven businesses. Our technology clients are sophisticated providers of cutting-edge software and services solutions that require attorneys with a deep understanding of licensing, intellectual property protection, and business models that facilitate the development, marketing, and commercial exploitation of intellectual property.

How We Deliver

We represent hundreds of technology providers, including software and IT companies, licensors, SaaS and other service providers, and companies that produce medical devices, chemical compounds, and manufacturing technologies. Our clients value our knowledge of their businesses and industries and our ability to quickly recognize, analyze, and address their business and legal problems. We devise practical strategies to minimize the risks and monetize the opportunities presented by hyper-growth and boundary-pushing innovation.

We are the firm that understands technology and how to maximize and protect its commercial value.

Representative Services

  • Technology acquisition, development, commercialization, and licensing agreements
  • Technology-related services agreements
  • Consulting services for intellectual property-related engagements
  • Technology protection
  • Intellectual property protection and counseling; oversight of specialty IP counsel
  • Business model generation and review