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Overview What You Need For most companies, a sale event is a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence in the life cycle of the business. Selecting counsel that understands the entirety of the process is paramount: from sale planning through the sales process to closing. You need counsel that is not merely familiar with corporate sale transactions but is…
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Overview What You Need Raising capital is a complex process that has long-term consequences for a company and its owners. Whether raising working capital through commercial debt or through the sale of equity or instruments convertible into equity, it is critical for company management and its equity holders to understand the terms. The form of…
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Overview What You Need Our attorneys have experience that dates back to the earliest days of the commercial use of the Internet and the inception of eCommerce. We have advised hundreds of clients regarding eCommerce and web-based business platforms, both on behalf of the technology providers and their retailers. Our depth of knowledge in this space…
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Overview Who We Are We are a legal team that works with you as advisor, business consultant, and partner. Whether we serve as your outside general counsel (addressing your daily operational needs and assisting in business decisions, contract drafting and negotiations, and customer relationships) or are your legal advisor in complex merger and acquisition transactions…
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