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Portfolio Tag: Michael-feldman

Internal Investigations & Compliance

Overview What You Need You need attorneys that understand the businesses they serve and the legal landscape in which those businesses operate. With increased government scrutiny and more sophisticated whistleblower complaints, you need counsel who can ensure compliance with what is oftentimes a complex set of rules and regulations governing how you conduct your business…
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Overview What You Need Whether you are an Owner, a Buyer or Seller, or a Lessor or Lessee, you need a law firm that will provide real world pragmatic advice to protect your interests.  You need a firm that understands that any financial interest in commercial real estate has an impact on your business, and…
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Overview What You Need Understanding the intellectual property your company creates, acquires, or sells is paramount to preserving the core value of a business. Our approach to intellectual property is three-pronged: identify, protect, and monetize. Whether your intellectual property is commercially exploited and protected as a trademark, copyrighted work, or by patent, or represents core…
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Overview What You Need Our attorneys have experience that dates back to the earliest days of the commercial use of the Internet and the inception of eCommerce. We have advised hundreds of clients regarding eCommerce and web-based business platforms, both on behalf of the technology providers and their retailers. Our depth of knowledge in this space…
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