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California Expands Existing Data Privacy Breach Law

California Expands Existing Data Privacy Breach Law By Angelina Bruno-Metzger Governor Jerry Brown recently signed bill SB46 into law, which amends California’s data breach notification law by expanding the definition of “personal information.” The current law requires alerts to be sent to consumers when a database has been breached in a way that could expose…
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Yahoo! Suffers Data Breach; More Than 450,000 User Names and Passwords Exposed

If your password looks something like “123456,” you might want to change it. By Alice Cheng Late Wednesday evening, hackers successfully breached Yahoo! security published a list of unencrypted emails and passwords. The list exposed the login information of more than 450,000 Yahoo! users. The hackers, who call themselves the D33D Company, explained that they obtained the…
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Data Breach Prevention and Remediation: How to Protect Your Company from Hackers and Internal Threats and Ensure Your Customer’s Privacy

All companies, big and small, are at risk for data breaches. Most companies have legal obligations with respect to the integrity and confidentiality of certain information in its possession.  Information privacy and security is essential to  protect your business, safeguard your customers’ privacy, and secure your company’s vital information.   Recently, hackers gained access to…
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