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Personal Information and Privacy Protection Act – New Jersey State

Personal Information and Privacy Protection Act - New Jersey State On September 15, 2016, the New Jersey Senate unanimously approved a bill that restricts the collection and use of personal information by retailers for certain purposes.  The bill is known as the “Personal Information and Privacy Protection Act.”  []   The law provides that a retailer…
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How to Prepare For and Respond To A Cyber Attack: Have A Disaster Recovery Plan

Insider threats, hackers and cyber criminals are all after your data, and despite your best precautions, they may breach your systems. How should small and medium sized businesses prepare for a cyber incident or data breach? Cyber attacks are becoming more frequent, are more sophisticated, and can have devastating consequences. It is not enough for…
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Employment Hiring Practices: Simple Mistakes, Costly To Fix

The consequences of failing to develop employment-hiring materials can be devastating. So why do many employers fail to develop a basic set of documents governing the employment relationship with new hires? Howard Matalon notes that although employment documents can be developed in a very cost-effective manner, many employers fail to give consideration to such documents…
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Social Media and the Workplace

No one wants to lose his or her job over a Facebook post. However, most employees also do not think twice before griping about a boss in a status update, or posting a picture from last Friday night on a coworker’s wall. While free speech has historically been protected in the United States, there can also be…
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