Obligations Under New Jersey Breach Data Notification Laws

Years ago you would only read about a data breach once in a blue moon – it was the rare exception. Fortunately, it continues to be the rare exception, but as the world has moved to become fully digital, the frequency of significant data breaches is no longer like finding a four-leaf clover. Every business…
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Important Dates For Sexual Harassment Prevention

All New York State Employers.  Effective October 9, 2018, all New York State employers must implement sexual harassment policies and training.  Highlights from recent draft guidance issued by the State, which will be subject to public comment through September 12, 2018, are as follows: Policy Requirements (Eff. Oct. 9. 2018): Content of Policies - Sexual…
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Time to Revisit Your Relationship with Your Independent Contractors Before the Government Does!

New Jersey regulators have signaled their intention to place independent contractor (“IC”) relationships under a magnifying glass this year.  Governor Murphy recently signed an executive order establishing a Task Force on Employee Misclassification, through which representatives from the Departments of Agriculture, Economic Development, Human Services, Transportation, Treasury, and the Attorney General’s Office have been collaborating…
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