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What You Need

Legal representation that includes a unique understanding of healthcare-specific regulatory issues, industry trends, and business goals and objectives. It is crucial for businesses or employees in healthcare to comply with a complex regulatory environment while at the same time maximizing value-added opportunities resulting from industry knowledge. Retaining a trusted legal, business, and strategic advisor is critical in the earliest stages of your professional and business matters. In short, experienced, business-forward healthcare counsel blend legal services and dynamic counseling on business strategy and negotiations unique to the healthcare space.

How We Deliver

We ask the right questions to assess the legal and business considerations for your medical practice, ambulatory surgery center, employment opportunity or dispute, medical device or DME business, management service organization, or medical staff organization. We then identify issues and opportunities for you and provide advice, solutions, and, most importantly, execution. We pride ourselves on our ability to apply information about which many health providers are unaware, which allows us to add value and deliver positively unexpected results. It is also important to consider high-level market trends when making the right decision that impacts you, your business/career, and your family’s future. We offer broader advice to help you consider the whole picture when making major decisions, whether it be, for example, buying or selling a business (or its assets), entering into a contract, devising capital and operational structures, or making important employment decisions.

Representative Services

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Single Specialty Practices
    • Multi-Specialty Practices
    • Supergroups & Divisional Models
    • Management Services Organizations
    • Device & DME
    • Healthcare services organizations
  • Start-ups
    • Single Specialty Practices
    • Multi-Specialty Practices
    • Management Services Organizations
    • Device & DME
    • Healthcare services organizations
  • Strategic Partnerships & Joint Ventures – Hospital/Practice alignment and ASCs
  • Corporate Governance Documents
    • Operating Agreements
    • Shareholder Agreements
    • Bylaws
    • Articles of Incorporation and Corporate Binders
  • General Corporate
    • Vendor & Supplier Agreements (Equipment, Leases, EHR, Billing etc.)
    • Management Services Agreements
    • ACO and IPA contracts
    • Business Associate Agreements
  • Employment & Independent Contractor Services
    • Negotiation of offers
    • Mechanics and economics of physician compensation models
    • Enforceability and reasonableness of restrictive covenants
    • Continuity of Care issues
    • HR set-up services (policies, compliance, HR management training, etc.)
  • Regulatory: Anti-Kickback Statute, Stark, HIPAA & other privacy laws (e.g. substance abuse privacy), and state anti-kickback, self-referral, fee-splitting, corporate practice of medicine, and privacy laws.
  • Licensure of ASCs and governmental and insurance inspections and audits
  • White Collar Criminal Defense
  • Healthcare Private Equity Services
  • Clinical Research Services